maandag 26 maart 2018

28 Days Standing like a tree: Episode 2

Standing like a tree, 12 minutes, 28 days.

There I was in a carwash in Prague. My travelling companion was cleaning her car and had a really good time in splashing the water all over her car, but mostly over herself. I knew I had to wait for some time so I decided to do my daily practice.

Surrounded by desolate buildings, gray walls and crowded roads, my eyes searched the horizon, beyond the urban area and I noticed some far away trees. A magnetic field arose from these trees. I felt I was suck towards this, out of the carwash, into this energy. All of a sudden my consciousness became wider and I started noticing the plants and trees that were more closer. There was even a big tree on my right side I didn't notice before. I felt deeply grounded and a sense of joy started to move inside of me.

Yes, still to my body these 12 minutes-practise is a long time, but in connection with nature these minutes just rushed by. A sense of timelessness arose. As my awareness expended I could easily connect with the roots of all trees and plants, not only here in Prague, but the field of my attention grew and grew, connecting and expanding all over the world. It felt like a mutual blessing.

By standing like a tree I started to realize that wherever you put your attention on, that this will grow. It is so simple and true. We all might know the expression 'energy follows attention'? Standing in between the traffic, the roads, the concrete buildings, this expression came to life.

What also became evident is that it is so very important to consequently dedicate myself to meditation, again and again going inside, contemplate, self inquiry, silencing the body and mind. This is true sadana.

At the end my arms were trembling and my friend saved me by hooting loudly. We were both refreshed: my friend was wet, the car was shining and in my heart there is this deep gratitude towards Mother Nature and all other beings who are co-creating this healing field of joy, light and love.

Maybe to tree continued

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